Saturday, December 10, 2011

8 months

My baby boy turned 8 months old yesterday!

You welcomed eight months with two shiny bottom teeth, a belly laugh that can make everyone smile, a big appetite, a sweet backwards crawl/scoot that takes you places quickly and a whole lotta chatter... Mama, Dadda, baa-baa, oh's & ah's.

Lucca is your favorite person on the planet. You like watching her every move, and if I say "Where's Lucca?" you will turn your head all around looking for her. Too cute.

Tubby time is your favorite, followed by (not-surprisingly) mealtime. We haven't found a food you dislike, but we have noticed you get most excited about bananas, carrots and sweet potatoes.

You are a cool dude, stopped everywhere we go by women who want to discuss your insane eyelashes. And then you smile at them and they can't stand it and next thing you know we are having a full on conversation about what a stud you are.

Amazing. We are thankful for these 8 months of getting to know you, our strong, healthy, happy boy. We have so much love for you, sweet Jackson Stone.