Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sleepy buddy

Some days, this guy wakes up early from his nap and wants to cuddle. And then some days he's so cozy he falls right back to sleep on my lap. And I love it. We pretend he is not 4 months shy of two years old and act like he's my tiny little baby. Thank you God for my sweet boy, and for the sweetest moments I get to spend with him.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Wait, we aren't supposed to touch the Elf on the Shelf, right? Does that include no kissing? Whoops! We sure do love our Elfie.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

19 Months!

Our Stone.  The Mayor. 

19 Months.  Quite possibly my favorite month yet.  And that coming from the mama who likes the wee itty bitty very beginning months, like 1 and 2.  But OH MY GOSH are you at the most perfect age on the planet.  We are just having the best time with you, Jackson Stone.  You are the happiest little human being.  You sing us Happy Birthday.  You tell sissy "See ya in the morning" when she goes to bed.  You have a fake laugh.  And a scrunched up silly face with a way fake smile that cracks me up every time you do it.  You tell people you are TWO (!) when they ask how old you are and then you laugh about it because you know you are ONE.   It's your first joke, and it's actually really funny.

You greet people with a loud "HI!" everywhere we go, and as soon as they say hi, you tell them BYE BYE!  

{First haircut & first taste of a lollipop. Notice the tear on his cheek?} 

Books. You-love-books. The end.

You love the Pajanimals song the best, LA LA Lullaby and you sway back and forth when you sing it.  "I dancing" you say.  When you aren't dancing, you are jumping to and from places.  Like full on frog hopping, with air, instead of walking from room to room.  Why not jump??

{Love those sleepy eyes in the morning}

You do the big playgrounds by yourself.  Climb the ladder, up to the slide, go down on your tummy, laugh, then do it again.  100 times.

You throw everything.  Food, plates, toys, library books, bath toys, everything.  And you aren't mad or upset, you just say THROW! and then you throw!  Before I can even say no, it's already been thrown.  We are hopeful this turns into a pitching career.  

{Hunting for a Christmas Tree}

You are OBSESSED with trash cans...?   You like to point to all three of ours and say the colors over and over again.  Next I need to teach you how to point and say "garbage" "recycling" and "green waste" to really impress people.  As if your language doesn't already stop people in their tracks.  Your vocabulary is highly impressive for a 1.5 yr old.  

You and your sister are getting along and it is wonderful.  A couple months ago I wanted to pull out my hair because you would just knock over her blocks, take her dolls, empty her bookshelf, steal her crayons and stomp on her tea parties, but now you are starting to get it...and play with her instead of terrorize her.  And she thinks you are hilarious.  You will repeat anything she asks you to say, so she thinks you are the coolest little parrot.

{Best buddies}

We were driving back from cutting down the Christmas tree with Grammie and Lincoln last week and you started singing "Jesus Loves Me" out of the blue.  Grammie is the one who recognized right away what you were singing and yep, clear as day you were singing all the words.  Didn't even know you knew that one, but it made my big old heart so happy.

You are such a LOVER.  So snuggly, so cuddly and so affectionate.  Sometimes you will be playing and then come find me, say you need some "Sugar" and then after I hug and kiss you, you go back to playing.

The last few weeks have been so fun, I wish I could bottle them up and remember every bit about them forever. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

First Rain

Oh to be a kid again! It was so fun to watch the kids experience the first rain of the season. Jackson couldn't understand why his head was getting wet. The cutest. <3

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jack Stone is a MORNING PERSON.   Just like Daddy.  

Can I just say I am so thankful for my husband in the morning?  Each day, the boys get up and go downstairs to do their thing.  I think their "thing" might involve letting Jackson watch a show while Daddy trades stocks online, but you know what....whatever works!   We think Jackson likes getting up at the crack just to hang out with his Dad.  It's their guy time and I love it.  
Mainly because I am not a morning person :)   

"BYE BYE MOMMY!" are the best words to hear at 6:30AM.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just a little (ok, BIG) lap baby. That's what you are. Except you're 18 months old, stinker!!! You're supposed to be in your crib, big dude...but you sometimes prefer sleeping on mama's lap instead!

And you know what? That's ok with me.

Monday, October 8, 2012

18 months!

Jack Stone, you are the BEST.

Tomorrow you will be 18 months old.  What?!?!  On your way to 2?  Come on, where did my baby go?  You full on grew up and turned into a toddler all the sudden.  Your baby ways are mostly gone and you're quickly becoming an independent little boy with a big ol' personality!

We had your 18 month check up today, and you didn't like one bit of it.  Nope, not at all.  You said "HI DOCTOR!" when Dr Brock walked in, but as soon as he started checking you, you freaked.  Cried and cried.  You were so mad and since you like to hold your breath when you get mad, I was getting ner-vous!  BUT, if you were to pull the i'm-not-gonna-breathe-because-i'm-mad move, thankfully we were already at the doctor's office so I knew we'd be ok.  BUT SERIOUSLY.  Not a super fun appointment.  Nor quiet.  Eeeeek, I bet Dr Brock couldn't wait to get out of there.  Especially once Lucca started crying because she WANTED a shot too.  What kind of a kid cries because they DON'T get a shot at the doctor?  Lucca.

So you are 28lbs and 36.5 inches long.  That would be 90th percentile for weight and height.  Could somebody sign this baby already to a full ride scholarship somewhere?  

Friday, September 28, 2012

Take a breather

Ah, today was rough! Jackson picked up whatever bug big sister picked up at preschool earlier this week and was one sick dude today. His fever started last night, he had a miserable night of (no) sleep (in our bed) and today was no better. He was not a happy guy. Except the wagon ride this afternoon. A little bit of fresh air always helps right? My mom taught me that long ago. Jackson waved at the airplanes in the sky, tasted some rocks and sticks along the way, and shouted "Zoom!" to every car that drove past. All which took his mind off feeling so rotten for a quick bit.

I'm thankful that tomorrow is a new day, not to mention THE WEEKEND!!! 

 Hello, Saturday, I love you.

Friday, September 21, 2012


I tried to get a photo of those little buggers that have been causing you (and us) a great deal of pain, but this was the best I can do. Your "eye teeth" ...or canines, or cuspids....have finally poked through! All 4 of them! At 17 months.

Hopefully your sleep will go back to normal after these babies come in. In the meantime, you just want to cuddle. All the time. Which your father and I gladly oblige too. 
Unless it's at 3AM which we've seen way too much of lately :/

Come on teeth!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

16 months

My boy! My dude. My big man.

What fun you are at 16 months old. You are a whiz kid, spitting out "I love you MAMA" and "I love you DADA" in our bed this week! I mean, my life at that moment could have been complete. Unprecedented and unprovoked, we brought you in our bed in the morning like we usually do around 6:30 and you, for the very first time ever, communicated WHO you love. We've been hearing "I Yuh You" for a couple months now, but when you said over and over again " I love you Mama" I had to ask your Daddy, is he really saying that??? Sure enough you looked at Dad and told him the same thing. You are cool.

Other words we've got going on:
Bike, jump, dance, beans, BLUEBERRY (the best one), cheese stick, basically any food (!), Mimi, Papa, Gaga, Coco, Pops, sissy, I DO, thank you, please, beep beep, shoes, lizard, airplane, beach, basically he is a little mimic and will say anything you ask him to. Quite the talker.

And music? Jackson's fav song is Pop Goes the Weasel, And he pops up every time he's supposed to. He knows every song in my repertoire, making it challenging to put him to bed because I have to think of songs he doesn't know or he will sing along with me instead of fall asleep. Hi-larious.

He's been getting quite the attitude the past couple weeks. My mellow, easy going, happy dude is forming some preference! He will let you know what he wants and how he wants it. The kid has a good throwing arm if something is offered to him that he is not interested in!!

He basically loves doing anything active... Loves the pool, loves kicking a ball endlessly, loves playing on the basketball court at the gym, running at the park, playing at the beach, all of it. 
He likes laughing and having fun!

He looooves his sister. Adores. "Coco" is usually the first person he asks for in the morning. 
Pretty precious.

Jackson, you are a handsome, smart & cool dude. You are breaking my back, but you love to cuddle and I will not pass up a chance to hold you while I still can. I know you will be bigger than me so I soak up as many sweet moments as I can with you each day. You are the best.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer 2012

A few shots from our weekend. Daddy was gone and you've had wayyyyy too much mom time. Good thing you sure do love your mama and don't seem to be getting sick of me yet! You are the sweetest boy. You're learning to explore, laugh at actual humor, get what you want, and you're even starting to stand your ground with big sis! Awesome. All you need to learn next is how to sleep in!!! You are not a rooster, nor a bird. Stop get up at the crack of dawn my love.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

15 months

Jackson had his 15 month check-up today and had a blast. I think he loved every minute of it, even getting the shot that he didn't feel. He was calling Dr Bernsten "Doc" and breathing on command when the doc checked his heartbeat, thanks to lots of practice with Dr Lucca. As soon as the stethoscope was brought out, Jackson started taking deep breaths. Dr Bernsten was losing it with laughter. Probably not all 15 months olds do this? So funny.

After the shot, Jackson waved to the nurse "BYE BYE" and was ready to go. Easy as that.

He weighs 26 lbs 14 oz and is 32.5 inches long. Basically, he's awesome. And healthy. And the happiest kid you'll ever meet.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

June bloomer

Baby? What baby! Jackson has turned into such a little boy over the past month. 14 months and officially a toddler. He got another bottom tooth, the little bugger on the left of his 2 front teeth, and he is pushing through 3 more on the bottom. What fun!

This guy can kick a soccer ball like no one's business. Seriously a great dribbler! He had all the parents in awe this morning at Lucca's soccer practice..."He's dribbling the ball better than my 4 year old!"

The kid doesn't miss a meal, his favorites are mama's spaghetti, berries, eggs, and pancakes. He's learned to spit out broccoli & beets, even though he used to eat those like a champ. I even planted tons of beets in the garden because he loved them, but it looks like I will be eating the beets alone now. Lucca wouldn't dare! We stopped the bottle this week so we can brag to Dr Bernsten next week at his 15 month check up.

Jackson is awesome. He's our dude, the man, Stone Bone, the big boy, buddy, bud and about a million other names. He is funny, shy, likes being chased & kissed, loves the water, likes jumping and running and spinning and being noisy. And he's absolutely wreck less! I'm just waiting for our first ER visit. Could have been last night, but reallllly hoping his lip & nose are just fine from the spill he took on our front steps while we were waiting for Daddy to get home from work. This kid is going to give me a heart attack. Blood coming from the nose & mouth of a 1 yr old is NOT my idea of a good time.

Can't imagine seeing this pretty face scarred. Be careful buddy! Mama loves you to the Super Moon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jackson Stone, 14 months

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Boy,

You are a lover..  Happy all the time.  You soak up as many cuddles as we'll give you.   You are obsessed with your Daddy.  You like boy stuff -- cars, trucks, trains, LOUD NOISES, airplanes, banging things together, etc.  It's pretty awesome. 

You are teething like crazy, but pretty cool about it.  You popped through 4 molars in the past month and now you have more little bottom teeth about to pop up.  You are a healthy dude, wearing 18 months clothes mostly.  You have learned you don't have to eat everything I serve you, which means broccoli and green beans go flying off the side of your high chair quite often.  There was a time when you ate every single piece of food that ever landed on your plate, but now you show preference.  Opposite of your sisters too.   She will eat veggies all day long, and you will eat fruit all day long.  You  LOVE spaghetti the most.  And eggs.  I hope I always remember the way you shake with excitement right before I set food on your plate.  It's awesome.

You like to say YA!, Hi Mama, Hi Dada, vroom-vroom, dog, cat, woof, car, truck, egg, blueberry, more, all done, outside, no no no, GO, book, bite, one- two-three, bye bye....

You love looking at books, following Lucca around, jumping on her bed, being outside, swinging, being held, singing Moves Like Jagger and kissing.  


Kissing Sissy

Daddy's Boy

Walking to the golf course

The helicopter at the park.  YOUR FAVORITE!!!

Love you big man.  You are the coolest.  Also, sweetest. 

Friday, June 1, 2012


Monday, May 14, 2012

This guy was so excited it was his mama's 31st birthday that he woke up at 4:30 AM!! Thanks bud.

But thankfully, I somehow managed to marry the most amazing man & daddy ever, who always takes the morning shift with this guy. So Daddy got up, made this bruiser his bottle and got him back to sleep again. Don't do the 4:30 stuff again Jackson..

And remember, when we wake you up at the crack for church during your teenage years, that it had been a long time coming!

With love, Mom

Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh ya, THIS is why I didn't go back to work. 

These moments.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

This guy and his swings! He can't get enough. When Lucca goes to the park, Jackson stays in the swing the entire time until it's time to go...and then he cries because we take him out.

Santa needs to bring this boy a swing set this year!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Radio Flyer

Jackson went on his first wagon ride last night with sissy. He loved it. Until he had to be taken out for touching the wheels too many times. Little buster.

Also, we live in the best climate. I probably wouldn't have said that last week when we had 5 straight days of rain, but hot dog if this week isn't the most beautiful weather you've ever seen. I can't believe we lived under the San Francisco fog blanket for 7 years before discovering northern Marin.

Friends & Family, come visit!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Doctor, doctor

Took our stud in for his 1 year old check-up this morning. An hour early. Gotta love mommy brain. After we killed an hour by going to Whole Foods, the Post Office and filling up the car with gas, we headed back to Dr Brock's for Jack Stone's appointment. Of course, he was in a good mood the whole time, despite skipping his morning nap. This kid.

He and sissy were having a grand ol' time tearing up the paper on the Dr table. Why in the world is this paper on those tables? Does any kid leave it alone? And if they stay on that paper, does it really prevent the spread germs in these tiny rooms? In our family, that paper serves as a 5-10 minute distraction for the kids, as tearing it into tiny shreds preoccupies them while we wait. It's always fun to clean it up too!
Pounding on this big picture is good entertainment too. I'm sure they just love us there.

Jackson wore his best hairstyle for his appointment. Dr's first words? "What is that hairstyle?" Sorry, we can't help it that rad hair runs in the family!
Stone bone did awesome for his appointment. Impressed the doc with his skills and size, and put on a happy face the whole time, until..........

......his shot. Poor guy.

Didn't cry during the poke, but let everyone know afterwards that it wasn't cool. Sorry bud.
Jackson is one healthy dude. Still topping the charts at 90% for height and weight. 25lbs and 31+ inches. 6 teeth, 4 on top, 2 on the bottom (half of those came in Georgia by the way! every time we go back there he gets a tooth). He's walking about 5 or so steps til he sits down or grabs on to something. He is gaining his independence and confidence quickly, so he will probably be off in no time. Unfortunately. Kind of.

He's trying to say 3 syllable words, which is adorable. Favorite word? Olivia! Favorite food? Strawberries. Favorite book? Curious George. Favorite song? Ho-Ho-Ho-Hosanna and Twinkle, Twinkle. He loves to swing and will cry every time we leave the park. He also likes to hold his breath when he cries which is NOT awesome.
He dances, he sings, he breakdances.
Also, he's good looking.

Have I bragged enough about him yet?


The happiest baby in the history of the universe is officially ONE YEAR OLD! My sweet (studly) baby is turning into a handsome LITTLE BOY before our very eyes. We celebrated his birthday while in Augusta for the Masters this year. Truth be told, we were on a plane flying back across the country on his actual birthday, but he didn't seem to mind.

Jackson was certainly not a fan of his cupcake ("all done, all done"), but he did love everyone singing to him. And he clapped for everyone when Happy Birthday was over. Like a pro.

This kid is rad. So glad he's mine.

Easter Sunday, April 8 2012

Happy Birthday Stone! We sure do love you.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two steppin

This guy took his first couple steps today, and Mommy & Daddy BOTH got to see it!
Pretty exciting Saturday around here. Go bud go!