Tuesday, November 27, 2012

19 Months!

Our Stone.  The Mayor. 

19 Months.  Quite possibly my favorite month yet.  And that coming from the mama who likes the wee itty bitty very beginning months, like 1 and 2.  But OH MY GOSH are you at the most perfect age on the planet.  We are just having the best time with you, Jackson Stone.  You are the happiest little human being.  You sing us Happy Birthday.  You tell sissy "See ya in the morning" when she goes to bed.  You have a fake laugh.  And a scrunched up silly face with a way fake smile that cracks me up every time you do it.  You tell people you are TWO (!) when they ask how old you are and then you laugh about it because you know you are ONE.   It's your first joke, and it's actually really funny.

You greet people with a loud "HI!" everywhere we go, and as soon as they say hi, you tell them BYE BYE!  

{First haircut & first taste of a lollipop. Notice the tear on his cheek?} 

Books. You-love-books. The end.

You love the Pajanimals song the best, LA LA Lullaby and you sway back and forth when you sing it.  "I dancing" you say.  When you aren't dancing, you are jumping to and from places.  Like full on frog hopping, with air, instead of walking from room to room.  Why not jump??

{Love those sleepy eyes in the morning}

You do the big playgrounds by yourself.  Climb the ladder, up to the slide, go down on your tummy, laugh, then do it again.  100 times.

You throw everything.  Food, plates, toys, library books, bath toys, everything.  And you aren't mad or upset, you just say THROW! and then you throw!  Before I can even say no, it's already been thrown.  We are hopeful this turns into a pitching career.  

{Hunting for a Christmas Tree}

You are OBSESSED with trash cans...?   You like to point to all three of ours and say the colors over and over again.  Next I need to teach you how to point and say "garbage" "recycling" and "green waste" to really impress people.  As if your language doesn't already stop people in their tracks.  Your vocabulary is highly impressive for a 1.5 yr old.  

You and your sister are getting along and it is wonderful.  A couple months ago I wanted to pull out my hair because you would just knock over her blocks, take her dolls, empty her bookshelf, steal her crayons and stomp on her tea parties, but now you are starting to get it...and play with her instead of terrorize her.  And she thinks you are hilarious.  You will repeat anything she asks you to say, so she thinks you are the coolest little parrot.

{Best buddies}

We were driving back from cutting down the Christmas tree with Grammie and Lincoln last week and you started singing "Jesus Loves Me" out of the blue.  Grammie is the one who recognized right away what you were singing and yep, clear as day you were singing all the words.  Didn't even know you knew that one, but it made my big old heart so happy.

You are such a LOVER.  So snuggly, so cuddly and so affectionate.  Sometimes you will be playing and then come find me, say you need some "Sugar" and then after I hug and kiss you, you go back to playing.

The last few weeks have been so fun, I wish I could bottle them up and remember every bit about them forever.