Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jackson vs the Popsicle

No one enjoys a Popsicle more than this guy. Guaranteed.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We had the best day celebrating our big boy!  Can't believe he is two!  I know every mother says this, but the second child grows up even quicker than the first.  HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!   While I love to daydream about the future of my children, I can't help but wish they would stay this age forever.  Two and four years old seem just perfect.   Today, I heard Lucca in the other room tell Jackson that he was her "April Baby".  Another time I heard her asking if he was soo excited to be two.  At dinner, she asked if he was having the best birthday ever.  And then at bedtime, she told me she made him feel extra special on his birthday.  Does it get sweeter?  Say no, or I may explode with hearts and glitter and all things happy sounding.

After waking up & eating birthday muffins & breaking both of his new birthday presents from us within an hour, we went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum.  We met up with our visiting Washington cousins for a morning of fun in the beautiful California sun.  Perfect company, perfect weather.  Having my baby boy on the same day as my sisters' birthday, with her in the delivery room, was pretty special.  Fast forward two years to today and being together again made my big ol' heart happy as can be.

Me. My sister. And our children. Including a teeny babe in her belly.  
My smile doesn't get bigger.

Wasn't it just yesterday that we brought our new baby brother home to Sausalito?   It sure seems like yesterday when our lives changed beautifully for the better by this sweet boy joining our family.  We knew we loved being parents & we knew we were excited about having a SON, but we didn't know just how magical this boy would be.  His life has brought us joy, laughter and gratitude beyond our dreams.  
To two years....the best two years...

We love you, buddy.   I don't think Daddy would clean poop out of the tub for any one else but you.  Although, don't ever do that again.  May it just be a fluke birthday thing.  PLEASE. DEAR GOD, PLEASE.