Thursday, April 9, 2015

Four Years Old.

FOUR!  My baby is four.  Which means in the past four years, I've learned to love life more, hug tighter, smile bigger, laugh louder, dance longer and love deeper.  Jackson is known as "good time Charlie" because he is such a lover of life.  His heart is the size of the globe.  He is sensitive, caring, thoughtful, genuine, joyful, fun and so much more.  He truly lives every single moment of his life and I learn so much from that.  When we are eating, he enjoys every bite.  When I try on clothes, he tells me I look beautiful.  When Daddy leaves for work, he tells him to say hi to his coworkers from him.  He tells me to turn up the music when a song comes on he likes, he waves to me when playing soccer, he always asks for one more cuddle, he tells Lucca she is his very best friend.  He still wants me to sing him a song every night before he falls asleep.  Sometimes he asks for six songs. He is pure love - and it is pure joy being his mother.  Everyone who knows Jackson loves him.  Like really loves him. He is captivating.  
Jackson, may you always enjoy the moments of your life.
May your zest for life never leave your heart.  
Happy Birthday, buddy.