Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Boy,

You are a lover..  Happy all the time.  You soak up as many cuddles as we'll give you.   You are obsessed with your Daddy.  You like boy stuff -- cars, trucks, trains, LOUD NOISES, airplanes, banging things together, etc.  It's pretty awesome. 

You are teething like crazy, but pretty cool about it.  You popped through 4 molars in the past month and now you have more little bottom teeth about to pop up.  You are a healthy dude, wearing 18 months clothes mostly.  You have learned you don't have to eat everything I serve you, which means broccoli and green beans go flying off the side of your high chair quite often.  There was a time when you ate every single piece of food that ever landed on your plate, but now you show preference.  Opposite of your sisters too.   She will eat veggies all day long, and you will eat fruit all day long.  You  LOVE spaghetti the most.  And eggs.  I hope I always remember the way you shake with excitement right before I set food on your plate.  It's awesome.

You like to say YA!, Hi Mama, Hi Dada, vroom-vroom, dog, cat, woof, car, truck, egg, blueberry, more, all done, outside, no no no, GO, book, bite, one- two-three, bye bye....

You love looking at books, following Lucca around, jumping on her bed, being outside, swinging, being held, singing Moves Like Jagger and kissing.  


Kissing Sissy

Daddy's Boy

Walking to the golf course

The helicopter at the park.  YOUR FAVORITE!!!

Love you big man.  You are the coolest.  Also, sweetest. 

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  1. Jackson really is such a great kid. So happy and fun and handsome and smart. I love his laugh! I just can't get enough of him!