Wednesday, August 15, 2012

16 months

My boy! My dude. My big man.

What fun you are at 16 months old. You are a whiz kid, spitting out "I love you MAMA" and "I love you DADA" in our bed this week! I mean, my life at that moment could have been complete. Unprecedented and unprovoked, we brought you in our bed in the morning like we usually do around 6:30 and you, for the very first time ever, communicated WHO you love. We've been hearing "I Yuh You" for a couple months now, but when you said over and over again " I love you Mama" I had to ask your Daddy, is he really saying that??? Sure enough you looked at Dad and told him the same thing. You are cool.

Other words we've got going on:
Bike, jump, dance, beans, BLUEBERRY (the best one), cheese stick, basically any food (!), Mimi, Papa, Gaga, Coco, Pops, sissy, I DO, thank you, please, beep beep, shoes, lizard, airplane, beach, basically he is a little mimic and will say anything you ask him to. Quite the talker.

And music? Jackson's fav song is Pop Goes the Weasel, And he pops up every time he's supposed to. He knows every song in my repertoire, making it challenging to put him to bed because I have to think of songs he doesn't know or he will sing along with me instead of fall asleep. Hi-larious.

He's been getting quite the attitude the past couple weeks. My mellow, easy going, happy dude is forming some preference! He will let you know what he wants and how he wants it. The kid has a good throwing arm if something is offered to him that he is not interested in!!

He basically loves doing anything active... Loves the pool, loves kicking a ball endlessly, loves playing on the basketball court at the gym, running at the park, playing at the beach, all of it. 
He likes laughing and having fun!

He looooves his sister. Adores. "Coco" is usually the first person he asks for in the morning. 
Pretty precious.

Jackson, you are a handsome, smart & cool dude. You are breaking my back, but you love to cuddle and I will not pass up a chance to hold you while I still can. I know you will be bigger than me so I soak up as many sweet moments as I can with you each day. You are the best.

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