Monday, April 16, 2012

Doctor, doctor

Took our stud in for his 1 year old check-up this morning. An hour early. Gotta love mommy brain. After we killed an hour by going to Whole Foods, the Post Office and filling up the car with gas, we headed back to Dr Brock's for Jack Stone's appointment. Of course, he was in a good mood the whole time, despite skipping his morning nap. This kid.

He and sissy were having a grand ol' time tearing up the paper on the Dr table. Why in the world is this paper on those tables? Does any kid leave it alone? And if they stay on that paper, does it really prevent the spread germs in these tiny rooms? In our family, that paper serves as a 5-10 minute distraction for the kids, as tearing it into tiny shreds preoccupies them while we wait. It's always fun to clean it up too!
Pounding on this big picture is good entertainment too. I'm sure they just love us there.

Jackson wore his best hairstyle for his appointment. Dr's first words? "What is that hairstyle?" Sorry, we can't help it that rad hair runs in the family!
Stone bone did awesome for his appointment. Impressed the doc with his skills and size, and put on a happy face the whole time, until..........

......his shot. Poor guy.

Didn't cry during the poke, but let everyone know afterwards that it wasn't cool. Sorry bud.
Jackson is one healthy dude. Still topping the charts at 90% for height and weight. 25lbs and 31+ inches. 6 teeth, 4 on top, 2 on the bottom (half of those came in Georgia by the way! every time we go back there he gets a tooth). He's walking about 5 or so steps til he sits down or grabs on to something. He is gaining his independence and confidence quickly, so he will probably be off in no time. Unfortunately. Kind of.

He's trying to say 3 syllable words, which is adorable. Favorite word? Olivia! Favorite food? Strawberries. Favorite book? Curious George. Favorite song? Ho-Ho-Ho-Hosanna and Twinkle, Twinkle. He loves to swing and will cry every time we leave the park. He also likes to hold his breath when he cries which is NOT awesome.
He dances, he sings, he breakdances.
Also, he's good looking.

Have I bragged enough about him yet?

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