Monday, October 8, 2012

18 months!

Jack Stone, you are the BEST.

Tomorrow you will be 18 months old.  What?!?!  On your way to 2?  Come on, where did my baby go?  You full on grew up and turned into a toddler all the sudden.  Your baby ways are mostly gone and you're quickly becoming an independent little boy with a big ol' personality!

We had your 18 month check up today, and you didn't like one bit of it.  Nope, not at all.  You said "HI DOCTOR!" when Dr Brock walked in, but as soon as he started checking you, you freaked.  Cried and cried.  You were so mad and since you like to hold your breath when you get mad, I was getting ner-vous!  BUT, if you were to pull the i'm-not-gonna-breathe-because-i'm-mad move, thankfully we were already at the doctor's office so I knew we'd be ok.  BUT SERIOUSLY.  Not a super fun appointment.  Nor quiet.  Eeeeek, I bet Dr Brock couldn't wait to get out of there.  Especially once Lucca started crying because she WANTED a shot too.  What kind of a kid cries because they DON'T get a shot at the doctor?  Lucca.

So you are 28lbs and 36.5 inches long.  That would be 90th percentile for weight and height.  Could somebody sign this baby already to a full ride scholarship somewhere?  

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  1. My Mom dreamed of a child like Lucca as she tried to pull me kicking and screaming my lungs out, trying to hide under the backseat in the car when I realized where we were and that I was going to get a shot. You are one lucky mama! :) Happy 18 months Jack!!