Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Little Buddy,

You are THREE MONTHS old. I am trying to soak in all the precious moments of your teeny tiny life, but no matter how much I try to preserve this time, you just keep growing, dang it. Your "newbornness" is over. Long gone is your rad jet black newborn hair. Long gone are your days of sleeping hours and hours and hours on end. Long gone are the days of you chillin out on my forearm while I did household chores (this was your favorite spot to be, both with me and your dad!). You don't fit there anymore. You are so big already!!

Goodbye newborn babe. Enter: 3-6 months clothes, lots of drool, personality, rolling over, tickle spots, laughing, and stopping everyone in their tracks to adore you.

XOXO my dear son,


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