Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feeding Jackson solids this week has been a walk in the park. He's 5 months old and his first food (minus the ice cream and muffin Lucca has fed him previously..) was avocado. I made a little bowl for him, had Daddy on standby ready to film it, and was prepared for some awesome faces and a big mess. But Jackson, our child who we swear has been here before, ate that first bite of solids like he had done it 100 times before. No funny face, no spitting it out. Ate it and opened his mouth for more.

Today we moved on to sweet potatoes and he laughed after every bite. It was like he was trying to say thank you for the deliciousness. He LOVED it.

He was so ready for solids. The Academy of Pediatrics is currently recommending you hold off until 6 months before introducing solids. I considered waiting another month to follow this guideline, but we mama's know our babies. My dude showed all the signs he was ready & able to eat food, and boy Oh boy was he ever.

We are officially buying groceries for a family of four now. Whoa. Expensive.

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  1. i love this little turd and can't believe he's old enough to eat food. (Notice I didn't say BIG enough, because Holy Moses, the kid is certainly BIG enough.)