Thursday, October 6, 2011

5 months

We've had a busy month around here, but even though this poor blog has been neglected, there is no shortage of baby Jackson photos. You are such a little lover, your eyes light up when people look at you and you just melt when people smile at you. Especially your mama. It's true what they say about baby boys and their mommies. You love mommy.

You are one happy dude (in daylight hours)

You like to swing, especially next to sissy

And you LOVE to eat, obviously. Grammie fed you over the weekend and she got to see how you visibly shake in anticipation of the (solid) food about to enter your mouth.

You still love those feet!

And that little thumb keeps finding it's way to your mouth this week! I pull it out, but I think you are teething and you use your thumb to bite on and to press those gums.

Sissy got a new toy (which you had your eyes glued to) and as soon as she went down for nap, that thing was yours!

We are working on sleep, but other than are a JOY to our family. Such a cool little dude you are. Our big boy. Our precious Stone.

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