Monday, March 18, 2013

Poor little bud

This guy got hit with the same yucky bug that canceled Lucca's 4th birthday party. Fever, cough, cold & general discomfort. We have heard our happy boy cry more in the past two days than the past two years. And sleep? Only in mommy's arms. Somehow magically, I'm the only one yet to be taken down by this monster of a virus.

Wishing, hoping, praying the night is restful and the morning brings renewed health (and happiness) back to our Stone.

But on a side note, how major cute does his little baby face look in my arms? Come on.


  1. Poor buddy. Having a sick kiddo is the worst, but getting all those cuddles is totally a bonus! Get better soon Jackson!

  2. i love how many pics you have of you holding a sleeping jackson. that boy is the bomb dot com.