Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The man

The boy that melts my heart. Makes me laugh. Gives the best "huggles" and tells me I'm the best mommy everrr, totally unprompted. Raising a little boy who is brave, fearless and adventurous is awesome. And scary. Jackson jumps off everything, runs everywhere, "surfs" down the side of the stairs every dang time instead of walking down the steps, and rides his bike at 100 mph to the park. Mothering my boy is so definitely different than his sister and I'm learning a little bit more every day how to embrace his toughness. All while encouraging his love for affection and his sweet, sensitive side. Because thank the dear Lord, Jackson has the most tender heart on the planet. Our big dude is tough, but he's also the one who climbs in bed and cuddles with us for a half hour each morning asking for a back rub, the one who still asks "Daddy, hold you!", the boy who runs full speed from across the park to grab a quick snuggle, and who constantly says "I love ____ soooo much" depending on who he loves most that day.

He's pretty much perfect. Hard to get mad at. Easy to love. A beauty to look at. And FUN to be with. Especially in his red, race car rain boots, fishing with a stick in a rain puddle on the side of the road.

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