Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

My three year old dude. To know him is to adore him. And that we did, all weekend long.

The Golfer.

The Photographer.

The Gymnast. 

The Eater.

The Best Sleeper.  Which is actually the most ironic thing considering his first year of life, AKA The Year of Sleep We Will Never Get Back.  It's still funny to me when moms ask how we get Jackson to sleep (and stay in) his big boy bed all night.  Magic!

Now, it's Sunday night, the weekend is done. Tomorrow morning we will all go downstairs to eat breakfast and Jackson will ask Daddy, as he always does, "Do you have to go to work again?"  Daddy will say yes.  And then in the most heartfelt, sincere reply ever, Jackson will tell him, "I'm gonna miss you."  And truer words will have never been spoken. Those two. 💙

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