Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Letter to Buddy

Sweet Baby Jackson,

Thank you for being the sweetest little guy on the planet. Life is rough when you are the second baby. Naps are few and far between, you have to go with the hustle & bustle of our busy schedule, you spend a lot of time in the Baby Bjorn, and you get smothered 95 times a day by your big sister. I keep telling you only a couple more years until you will be able to hold your own against our little blonde terror. She just loves you so, so much.

Mommy & Daddy left you overnight for the first time and you did great. Probably because you were in great hands. You drank from the bottle like a champ (not that I had any doubts!) and slept just as good as you know how to do at this point :)

You are about the cutest babe I've ever seen. Your cheeks are outrageous and your long, dark eyelashes make women all over Marin green with envy. You lost a lot of your hair, but have kept that rad mohawk on top and the mullet in the back. Hipster baby. You have started to giggle and you chatter to your toys, mostly the ones with eyeballs. You even rolled over this week and I was so excited I almost tweeted about it. But don't worry, I didn't.

I love to hold you. I wish I could do it all day. But we all know Lucca won't allow that. Thanks for being a mostly chill dude, we sure do appreciate it around here.

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  1. He's a good baby and we enjoyed watching him and sissy. We'd do it again!!!