Thursday, June 16, 2011

To the moon.

Dear Jackson,

Your sister sure does love you. So much so, that she gave you her most prized possession - her balloon! This day, she was determined you would hold it. She wrapped your little 9 week old hand around the string and clenched your little fist until you held it tightly. It was the sweetest thing. You did hold on to it for a long time, staring at the big, yellow ball floating in the air. Lucca was so excited while she watched you hold it and kept saying "Brother is holding my balloon!"

You have stolen all our hearts. Sweet as can be, full of personality already. You love to be rocked to sleep. You love to be held. You love the baby bjorn and prefer it to riding in your stroller. You love to sleep in our bed. You have started giggling in your sleep (heart-melting). You are happy and you talk, talk, talk when on your playmat. Sir Prance-a-lot is your favorite toy to talk to. I have learned your cries - the tired cry, the hungry cry, the mad cry, the bored cry (this is more of a gripe), the I-can't-believe-you-just-let-the-nurse-stick-needles-in-my-leg cry...

You mostly go with the flow - you have to being baby #2 in this family. Naps are constantly disturbed - by your sister and by our schedule. You are an easy going guy, but you have some feist. I like this. You let us know about it when things aren't up to par. I do, however, wish that you would chill out in the car. We have yet to go on a peaceful car ride with you -- and you get so loud and angry that sometimes your sister cries. Having two crying babies in the back seat is not awesome. Please, please chill out in the car.

We love you to the moon. And by the way, there is a lot of you to love. At your 2 month appointment last week, you weighed in at almost 13 lbs!!!! This is crazy. You are going to be a big dude. You were 12 lbs 15 oz and 23 inches long, 75th percentile for both weight and height. I feel sorry for the mama carrying around the 75-95th percentile babies. You are healthy as can be - just start sleeping a little more for us would ya?



  1. Love that they love each other! Lucca is so sweet.
    PS: 95th percentile in length, 90th in weight. These arms are getting their workout!