Saturday, May 7, 2011

4 weeks old!

Happy 4 weeks old little buddy!

A month old!? How did this happen? If I could freeze time, I so would. It's been a fun month getting to know you. We've given lots of snuggles, changed about a billion diapers, rocked you, slept with you, adored you, taken you all over town to keep up with Lucca's busy schedule and we even took you on your first out of town adventure to Grammie & Pops house for Easter. We have learned you love baths, love milk, HATE the car, love milk, HATE the swaddle and love milk. You are about as sweet as they come and we are so in love with you. It's fun to make comparisons between you and Lucca, and even more fun to realize just how unique you are.

You were born with the raddest hair of all time. Sadly, you are losing some of this jet black rock star hair, but hopefully you won't lose all of it. It's already getting lighter, and it's fun guessing what color it might be. We are hoping it stays dark like daddy's! We thought your eyes would be brown, but right now they are still very blue, so we'll see what they become. When you were born, you looked nothing like Lucca, but each day we see more and more resemblances between you and sissy.

You are sleeping well. We put you down for bed between 8-9PM and you sleep until 1AM. Then you wake up every 3 hours (almost to the minute!) to nurse. Your sleepy newborn ways have come to an end and you are awake much more during the day, and you have found your voice. You've showed us some personality, letting us know you aren't just going to sleep all the time and that you require attention too - Lucca can't have it all. Thanks for reminding us of this, she likes being the star of the show.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I am so thankful. We have so much to celebrate this year, and I hope to do most of our celebrating holding my sweet baby boy. We love you, Jackson.

Zen baby after the tubby
Such a strong boy (with the coolest newborn hair)
Snug as a Bug

ANNNND because you are a whopping 4 weeks old now, Daddy says it's okay to watch basketball on TV. Especially during NBA playoffs. You loved watching the big boys play ball. Daddy was thrilled to say the least..

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