Friday, May 27, 2011

7 weeks!

You are 7 weeks old today, bud! How did this happen already?!

What a little love you are. You just light up when your dad and I talk to you. You make us feel pretty good with that sweet smile you give us in return. You've already slept in our bed more than your two-year-old sister ever has. It must be true that parents get more relaxed with the 2nd baby. You're already breaking the rules :)

You like being cuddled, but you are about the noisiest sleeper in the world. Growling, grunting, moaning...just noisy! Mostly, I think it's you trying to break free from your swaddle - which you hate. I haven't given up on it yet, but you spend a good amount of time and energy trying to get out of it. And when you aren't swaddled, you are grunting and growling just trying to get your hands to your mouth. You have been trying sooo hard to get those little fists in that mouth of yours, and your poor face has taken a beating doing so. Hopefully, you don't become a thumb sucker...but that's what you're aiming for. You don't care for the paci, but we keep trying to shove it in. When you move to your own room, I'm sure we will miss all your sounds..

Your sister still LOVES you. Everyone tells us to be thankful for this, and we are. She talks to you throughout the day, telling you when you are bigger you can do fun stuff, like surf, jump, swing, cook, dance and color. You love to watch her run about the house. You listen to every word she says, every song she sings. When she lays on top of you, you don't fuss. When she steps on your arm, you don't cry. You guys are going to be best friends. Unfortunately, I think she wakes you up every single time you try to take a nap ... but that's just how it is right now.

I called the doctor this week about broken blood vessels in your eye. They say it could be from heavy crying, which translates= car rides. You freak out in the car, apparently popping blood vessels. The few times when you don't cry in the car, Lucca gets excited and says, "Brother's not crying!!" Hopefully you grow out of this. Pleeeeease.

You are sweet as can be - our perfect baby boy. You don't look a thing like I imagined you to look like all those months you were growing in my belly. You are stunning. Your cheeks are amazing. This morning you found your toes, and were in awe. Your eyes are changing, from blue to brown we think (...and kinda hope!). It's fun determining who you look like. You look like mommy's baby pictures, but your eyes are turning in to your dad's, and your complexion is definitely your dad's. You and Lucca have similarities, especially the mouth, but it looks like she is our golden child, and you will be our handsome dark haired, dark eyed, olive skinned boy.

Future heartbreaker, and already a stud.


  1. AH! LOVE the smile! 7 weeks already? When did that happen?

  2. he can scream in the car all he wants with those sweet chubby cheeks. oh so yummy!!!!!!!