Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sweet Jackson

Behind on blogging already. Life is busy with two babies!

Jackson, we are so so thankful for you. You are the sweetest baby. Such a great sleeper so far, last night you didn't wake up until 3AM. THANK YOU!! You just don't stop growing, and your cheeks are to-die-for chubby. God must have listened to my prayers all those years when I asked to someday have chubby babies. You are a such a beautiful, or should I say handsome, baby boy. People call you "pretty" but mama calls you a stud. You probably don't want to be known as a pretty boy...but you can't help your good looks. You have started to smile, melting my heart and all the hearts around you. You just LOVE your tubby time and get so relaxed. You have started cooing and talking back to us when we talk to you. You take the best naps on your tummy, even though that's against the rules these days. You also take great naps when being held, and as soon as we try to set you down, you show us your big, bright eyes. You just like being held! Your sister is still obsessed with you and wants to hug and kiss you all day long. This week, you got to meet "Uncle B" and your cousins Lincoln and Lila, who love you just as much as Lucca does. They are so sweet with Baby Jackson!

The first 5 weeks of your life have been incredible. We are so blessed. So thankful. So in love with you.

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