Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy 7 Months to our dude...Jackson Stone. The joy (and sleepless nights) you have added to our lives is endless. You are seriously the happiest guy. You smile at everyone -- making people's days left and right. You laugh at almost anything. We were used to our chick, Lucca, who made us work for her smiles...but not you. You will flash a smile at the drop of a hat, including in the middle of the night when you are SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING. But actually, the past few nights, we think we have turned the corner with you. We are heading for the straight and narrow and getting your sleep issues tackled. You've been sleeping SO MUCH BETTER, just had to let you cry it out a bit. Ugh -- mama does not like that.

You are a stud and you are HANDSOME. Truth be told, I get stopped all day long by people telling me how beautiful you are. Happened again today. And this proud mama just soaks it up, agreeing how cute you are.

A day doesn't go by when I don't thank God for my sweet boy. My buddy. LC's best friend and Daddy's BIG DUDE.

Seven months means...

No teeth yet, but working on it.

Eating solids twice a day and still nursing.

You are strong and push yourself up when on your tummy and scoot a bit, but mostly you just roll back over when it's supposed to be tummy time.

You love your mommy. I understand the mama's boy thing now...boy's just have it for their mommies. I walk into the room and you giggle. I walk out of the room and you cry.

You are huge -- wearing mostly 12 months clothes now. We just ordered your next carseat because your shoulders are so broad you barely fit in your infant carrier anymore.

You are "talking" a ton, and your voice is low. I LOVE IT.

You ADORE Lucca. If you cry, I have her sing you a song. You stop crying immediately. If she is in the room when you are eating solids, you won't eat. You just stare and smile at sis. You laugh at everything she does. You think she is the coolest. If you wake up from a nap before Lucca wakes up, you look all around for her. It's so obvious that you wonder where she is. And then when she does wake up, we go into her room and you get soo excited you practially jump out of my arms.

You spend most mornings with Daddy. This is my favorite. When you wake up early, Daddy scoops you up and takes you downstairs to the playroom. I am supposed to be getting my extra half hour of sleep, but sometimes I just lay in my bed listening to you guys having fun -- talking and laughing. Melts my big ol' heart.

We love you buddy. So, so thankful you are ours.

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