Monday, November 14, 2011


Jackson's life so far in a nutshell:

First 2 months, slept so much it freaked us out and we used to WAKE HIM UP to feed him. We were worried about how long he would sleep without eating. Funny right? Have you seen the size of this dude? We clearly had nothing to worry about.

Months 3-6...I'm not sure we slept for longer than 3 hours at any given time without Jackson waking up. Maybe a few times we would get 4 hours out of him. We kept thinking/hoping/praying he would figure it out and that a full night's sleep would be around the corner.

Finally last week, we decided to give sleep training a go. And THANK GOD WE DID. (We were scarred from Lucca's sleep training days and were hesitant to go there with Jackson). But after a night of rocking and rocking Jackson and having him wake up each time we set him down, we were willing to let him cry. Fifteen minutes in the middle of the night was all it took for this guy to cry before realizing we weren't coming back in to rock him to sleep. He hasn't cried like that since, not even for 5 minutes actually. And he's SLEEPING!!! He's been waking up once each night for a feeding and going right back to sleep, no problem.

We are thankful. So very, very thankful. Anyone who knows us knows we like our sleep around here :)

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