Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Although the blog has been less of a priority around here lately (slightly busy!), I do want to write down a few very important milestones from the past week so I don't forget them!

Seven months old has been pretty wild...

Your 1st (and 2nd) tooth popped through, ON THANKSGIVING, just in time for turkey and sweet potato souffle. Impeccable timing.

You are standing! You aren't crawling yet, but love to stand, barely holding onto a pinky and sometimes even letting go! You are proud of yourself and have a huge grin every time you let go. And then you start dancing.

"Mama!!!" finally! You've been saying Dada for quite some time, but just yesterday you said MAMA and melted my big ol heart <3

Waving! Mimi taught you how to wave over Thanksgiving. Today I saw you do the backwards wave, at yourself, for the first time. Cuuute.

Jackson, you are the happiest dude. These milestones have been awesome and we are celebrating with you every step of the way. You make us so proud, so happy, so very very thankful.

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