Thursday, January 12, 2012

9 months!

Yippee! 9 months of enjoying our most healthy, happy & hilarious little guy.

SO much is happening and changing in our day to day as you grow bigger, stronger and more capable of being independent. You are crawling everywhere, and quickly! Lucca is starting to realize her stuff is no longer safe...block towers are getting knocked over left and right, her books are being chewed on, dollies are being smothered, and hair is being pulled. You are exploring your world and loving it. Lucca on the other hand is wondering what in the world happened to our "sweet, tiny baby" as she refers to Jackson.

At your 9 month appointment, you continued to top the 90% for weight and 95% for length. You are no feather. Our big dude. You will be bigger than your sister in no time. You loved your doctor. Waving and smiling at him the whole time. Then the nurse came in who gave you a shot and your feelings quickly turned to anger. Amazing that you even felt that little poke on your chubby thighs.

You have officially boycotted all pureed baby food. I think it was a taste of Christmas dinner that caused this. You figured out we are eating much better food than your pureed fruits & veggies. This is kind of fun, you are eating a lot of what we are eating. You only have 2 teeth still, but you manage to chew all kinds of food you are offered...broccoli, eggs, spaghetti, pancakes :) If you got to choose, you would live on bananas and sweet potatoes alone. And mommy's milk, of course.

We love loving you. I cannot even imagine if our family was still just 3. Seems so long ago & distant to me. You have completed our family and give us such great joy. It really is amazing, no matter how hard & long & tiring our days can be, your Daddy and I go to bed each night so happy. And thankful. And feeling more blessed each day.



  1. 9 months already? Jackson is the cutest (and squishiest!) little guy. What a blessing that he has such a sweet and happy personality. I love his husky voice, his smile, and his belly laugh.

  2. jack is a stud. the coolest cat around. in fact, i wish i was cuddling him right now.