Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ah, baby milestones. They never get old. Not even with kid #2. It's just so dang exciting to watch my babies learn and grow.

Jackson has been on the verge of crawling for a couple months, but would never actually go forward. He would rock, go backwards, go to the sitting position, back to crawling position, back to sitting position....but wouldn't take the plunge. We thought he for sure would start crawling over Christmas, but he didn't.

Until today. Daddy's first day back at work after 2 whole weeks off and little buddy decided to crawl. He's my guy. Lucca first crawled with Rustin, and this guy held out for only me :) Actually, it was me, Lucca and my mom friends who got to see this guy finally prove that he knows how to crawl.

Good work, big Stone. We are proud of you. Now we need to go purchase baby gates. Fun!

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  1. What a milestone! Hope he shows his stuff on Saturday. I'm anxious to see him crawl.